Canada: The entry point into the North American market for Startups and businesses of Latin America

Quoting Mr. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, during the APEC Summit last month, November, 2016, held in Lima, Peru:

“We need to think beyond the United States and engage with Mexico in a positive way and engage beyond Mexico to Latin and South America. These are the things that I think are exciting about the coming years.”

The opportunities are increasing constantly in terms of further interaction, learning and collaboration between Canada and Latin America.

The organization LatAm Startups  is taking the lead in many of these initiatives already, by connecting the Startups and Entrepreneurial ecosystems in both regions.  The upcoming plans for 2017 include more programs that help educate, inform, train, and provide practical solutions for Startups in Canada interested in opportunities in the Latin American region, and those in Latin America keen in learning more about the Canadian market (including as an entry point into the North American market as a whole).

To read more about the exciting new opportunities to work with LatAm Startups, click here.

In addition to the ongoing plans for 2017, LatAm Startups is also leading the launch of the LatAm Startups Hub, which is “a new Toronto-based accelerator that will scale Latin American startups globally from Canada.”

The LatAm Startups Hub works across many verticals, including fintech, mining, IoT, edtech, VR, and biotech. The Hub will selects startups that are a “best fit” for the Toronto startup ecosystem and are most likely to succeed by coming to Canada.”

“Deadline to apply is January 15, 2017. First cohort will arrive in Toronto on April 1, 2017 for a four-month residency.”

Take advantage of all these upcoming opportunities in working with LatAm Startups and its regional partners.  For more information on how to contact LatAm Startups, you can also email us at:

Occasio team

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