The website called Plus55 provides great articles highlighting news on politics, business, culture and other areas of interest regarding Brazil.  As quoted on their website, “plus55 is the first platform created to bring content about Brazil to foreign audiences. It was conceived by a group of Brazilian journalists and designers who wanted to help solve a big problem: misinformation and disinformation about our country.”

We recommend you sign up to their newsletter and continue reading their relevant and important articles produced.

We wanted to share one article in particular, to mention some misconceptions that exist with so many people about different inventions that were actually created by, or included, Brazilians.  As quoted in the article, “Brazilians are known worldwide for their creative minds, but that is typically associated with the domains of music and culture. Well, think again. Many ingenious inventions were created – or at least conceptualized – by Brazilian minds. Unfortunately, most of the following inventors haven’t received the praise they deserved.”

These inventions include: Airplane, Wristwatch, Instagram, Electronic Voting Machine, Personal Stereo (The Father of the Walkman), Anti-Ophidic Serum, Automatic Transmission Using Hydraulic Fluid

Curious to learn more?  Read the entire article here.

Occasio team

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