Your Complete Guide To Brazilian Import

Written by The Brazil Business, this article presents a complete guide to Brazilian Import operations.

Below, an overview description of the process:

“In order to perform any foreign trade operation, the importer/exporter must first be registered with Secex through Siscomex. But, before being able to access Siscomex, the importer/exporter will need a Radar license – a license granted by the Receita Federal do Brasil, which is the Brazilian Federal Revenue, different from the Import License, that is issued by Siscomex. There are two different types of Radar licenses:

The maximum time for the Brazilian Federal Revenue to analyse and grant or decline a request for a Radar License is 10 working days.”

To read the entire article, click here.

Occasio team

2 thoughts on “Your Complete Guide To Brazilian Import

  1. Very interesting information about doing business with Brazil. But what I am really looking for are export guides that show what products are available for export from Brazil. Where can we get these??
    Anything on the internet of the products??
    Thank you very kindly
    Henry Veeris


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