LatAm Startups Conference 3.0! Connecting Canadian and Latin American Startup Ecosystems!

The LatAm Startups Conference 3.0 took place in Mexico City, Mexico, from October 12-14, organized by LatAm Startups and several key partners and sponsors.  It was a huge success, with participants and speakers coming from all over the Latin America region and Canada. To see more details about the event, the speakers, videos presented, and other information, visit the official page by clicking here.

The goal of this event was to continue connecting the Canadian and Latin American Startup ecosystems, promoting international trade, creating jobs, and developing a knowledge-based economy.

There was also a Storify link to what took place during the event in Mexico City.  Click here to read more about it.  Specific pictures of the event can be viewed via this link.

– The Governor-General of Canada, the Honorable David Johnston, opened the LatAm Startups Conf 3.0 with a recorded video message emphasizing the importance of developing bilateral trade between Canada and Latin America in the high-tech innovation space.


To view several of the videos of the LatAm Startups Conference 3.0, visit the official LatAm Channel on Youtube.

Prepare yourself for LatAm Startups Conference 4.0, taking place in 2017, in Toronto, Canada.  

For more information about LatAm Startups, or the future conference taking place in Toronto next year, feel free to contact us at:

Occasio team



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