7 Brazilian Gestures That Non-Brazilians Won’t Be Able To Guess

Babbel Magazine online shares a fun article, and video, to help non-Brazilians understand these questions:

Why do Brazilians use so many hand gestures?

Is this an exclusively Brazilian habit?

The first paragraph sets the tone for the article:

“We Brazilians are famous for being expressive — not just vocally, but gestural (after all, what’s music without some dancing to go with it?). So where does this talent for talking with our hands come from? Perhaps we inherited it from our Italian great-grandmothers (there have been several waves of Italian immigration to Brazil over the last century-and-a-half); or maybe it comes from our even older African and Portuguese roots. One thing is certain: We Brazilians have invented many gestures that are unique to our country.”

To read the entire article, and watch the creative video produced, click here.

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