The GLEX – Global Experience Business Camp. Connecting entrepreneurs and businesses between Latin America and Europe


The Occasio International Advisory Services (Occasio) and the GLEX Global Experience Business Camps are partnering together in order to promote further exchange, learning and business opportunities between entrepreneurs and businesses in Latin America and Europe.  The GLEX team is located in Madrid, Spain.

Below is an interview with the Director of GLEX, Ms. Yenny Villamar Martinez , which she explains further the role and opportunites presented by the GLEX Global Experience Business Camps.

Why was the GLEX Global Experience Business Camp created? What needs are you addressing for entrepreneurs or small businesses through the work you offer with GLEX?

GLEX was created with the aim to facilitate business, professional and academic connections between allies from Latin America and Europe, through the implementation of knowledge transfer, innovation management, access to internationalization processes and management of collaborative networks.

New businesses have various goals since their creation, one of the most important ones is to have a global perspective, they are not created to act only locally, but they are meant to cross borders, therefore, with the support of new technologies, networking, new ways of doing business and a vision of growth in the medium and long term, GLEX acts as a mediator company, to manage and support in achieving these goals.

The international positioning, negotiations with companies from other countries and the exchange of goods and services require a platform to facilitate work and make available the tools that are necessary when trying to internationalize the company, generate new contacts, search for allies and do collective work.

Latin American professionals and young entrepreneurs with global vision can find in this company a point of contact to direct their objectives concerning internationalization. GLEX puts a team of professionals for advice, management and organization of all activities required for mobility of human talent, bureaucracy and the general support for the international positioning of the company.

We have three essential components that complement each other and help in the professional and business dynamic: Global Academic, Global Business and Global Camps. For further information we invite you to visit our website

From the perspective of “Global Business”, we project the business exchange experience and access to new learning, allowing the opening of relations between enterprises, access to joint investigations and constant flows of information.

The links between Spain and Latin America are continuously growing. What are some of the main areas where Spain and the countries of Latin America can benefit most from working more closely together? How can GLEX help in this process?

Modern societies challenges require at each time professionals who have a global vision. From this point of view, the Global Academic program, approaches professionals to the possibility of enrichment of their experiences through exchange on research groups, access to master programs or research stays.

The participants of the Global Business program will be linked with a synergy engine and mutual support, opportunities for business collaboration, global alliances in medium and long term as a cornerstone in the process of expansion and internationalization of their companies.

For those organizations that are growing and learning new ways of working, various learning strategies are designed trough the Global Camps program. Through a social and humanized fieldwork, we manage the development of performance and social skills in environments different from the conventional work place.

Can you describe a bit more about the work that GLEX does in your office in Madrid? And the interests that GLEX has in working with contacts in the Latin American countries?

From GLEX we provide the possibility to connect, set up and generate links between different actors, companies and groups working on common goals. We are a toehold to help with the business vision of any company or start-up requiring a partner or collaborator in Europe.

To learn more about the work that Occasio and GLEX are doing together, or to request further information about GLEX, feel free to contact us at:

Occasio team



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