Corporate venture growth in Brazil is another sign of a mature tech ecosystem

The TechCrunch website publishes exciting and updated news about technology taking place all over the world.   In one specific article, they highlight how the corporate venture growth in Brazil presents itself as a sign of a mature tech ecosystem taking place in the country.

As stated in the article, “Despite recent volatility, the country’s political crisis has an end in sight. Brazil has a vibrant democracy, a growing middle class and its $1.53 trillion GDP ranks as the ninth largest global economy. While more than 100 million people in Brazil are already online today, there are nearly another 100 million more to go, indicating sustained growth in years to come. There’s now a universe full of opportunities for startups in Brazil, with the accelerating adoption of smartphones as the primary device to access the internet.”

One interesting observation that the article makes, is the following:

“One characteristic of a thriving ecosystem — and a killer characteristic in Silicon Valley — is the symbiotic relationships between corporations and startups. I’m not only talking about M&As. The symbioses go far beyond that. For example, an expanding willingness and readiness of large companies to buy products and services from smaller, nimble startups.”

And some last thoughts expressed in the article included:

“More corporate venture involvement with Brazil’s ecosystem and entrepreneurs will propel and better prepare and position the entrepreneurs and investors to take advantage of an upswing, whether in smaller waves or a “tsumoney.””

To read the entire article, click here.

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