How to get around in São Paulo

sp-sunriseThe Brazil Business website has provided an extensive and important overview of the different transportation options available in São Paulo, which can help any local or international visitor to understand better on how to move around the city.

As quoted in the article, “with 39 municipalities and nearly 20 million inhabitants, São Paulo’s metropolitan area has a broad public transportation system.”

“Public transportation in São Paulo is extremely crowded during rush hour. Do not expect that people will peacefully wait in line for the bus to arrive or for the train to open its doors. You must be constantly ready to make your way in, or otherwise you will be crushed by other passengers.”

“Even so, public transportation can be the best option to get around in São Paulo as owning a car in Brazil is expensive and traffic is chaotic. It is not uncommon for commuters to spend more than three hours a day travelling to and from work. Public transportation (in this case, trains and subways) can be extremely crowded and uncomfortable, but at least they keep on moving and are not directly affected by traffic.”

To read the entire article, click here.

Occasio team

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