You can now build and strengthen your own business ecosystem!


Occasio is working closely with the TLC Mind team in San Francisco, and other partners in Brazil, and we are happy to share the news of the official launch of the book, “They Will Be Giants – 21st Century Entrepreneurs and the Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystem (PDBE),” written by Mr. Robert Kim Wilson.

Mr. Wilson has provided us with the wonderful gift of explaining in more detail on how to design, implement and manage our own ecosystem of strategic partners, so to further help us improve the results in our own businesses, and theirs.

The innovative book takes a more “bottom-up” approach in designing and creating a business ecosystem.  As Mr. Wilson quotes, “Giants is written specifically for the individual entrepreneur who is seeking to increase her/his probability to succeed in their start-up or early stage business idea, thru an innovative new methodology called Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystems.”

He explains,

“For entrepreneurs, the functioning of their business ecosystem can literally make or break their individual business success. In this light, our book contains specific methods, tools, and other compelling information to support the 21st Century entrepreneur.”

“Some of the most popular questions from Entrepreneurs are answered in Giants:

  • How can entrepreneurs substantially improve their chances for success, using assets they already possess?
  • How can entrepreneurs avoid giving up equity for funding in early-stage startups?
  • How can entrepreneurs avoid the six classic challenges of early-stage startups?
  • How can entrepreneurs lower their risk of failure, including reducing go-to-market cost?
  • Why is an outstanding network not enough?
  • How can my customer, actually perform like my business partner?
  • How do I start in developing a purpose-driven business ecosystem?”

Get your copy now and read more about the PDBE model and how to implement it with success in your business!  Purchase the book directly in this link on Amazon.

To contact us, in case you want to learn more about the PDBE model and the future trainings in Brazil and other locations, feel free to send us an email at:

Occasio team


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