“How to do business and succeed in Brazil” – an insider’s perspective

 writes a delightful and very useful article on his LinkedIn post.  He focuses on the topic of “How to do business and succeed in Brazil.”

He starts with this powerful opening paragraph,

“Yes, Brazil is a great country to do profitable and consistent business, especially if the investor takes the right path with the assistance of serious and competent professionals. Choosing a good business partner is always a challenge for newcomers, wherever you are in the world, and it doesn’t suffice to establish proper communications between two distinct cultures in order to be successful in these competitive markets. One must understand the other culture beyond the handshake, in addition to building trust.”

Also highlighting,

“Brazil offers funding and fiscal benefits for new investments and startups, but a good professional advisor is recommended.”

“The banking system in Brazil is one of the most modern in the world (and also one of the most profitable). Interest rates are very high, but this has always been the case and the country grew that way. It’s a peculiar and sensitive financial structure that is not bound to change anytime soon.”

His suggestions also include,

“Brazil is not for amateurs, but it can be an excellent place for beginners who want to compete in a large market that’s still maturing and in development, with consumers who are up to date regarding leading global trends in technology and management, who demand high quality, the availability of product or services, and proper customer support.”

“The formula for managing and enjoying the wonderful Brazilian characteristics involves market intelligence, cost control, recycling competencies and developing people, taking care of customers, and especially having a good deal of patience and tolerance.”

To read the entire article, click here.

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