Crowdfunding Market in Brazil

The Brazil Business wrote an article explaining more about the history and trends regarding the crowdfunding market in Brazil.

As described in the article, “Since the crowdfunding market is fairly recent in Brazil, it is still evolving and adapting to the country’s donation profile. There is no specific data about the market share among donation platforms, although it is known to be considerably small, estimated at around 0,03% and 0,3%. One of the main reasons for the low adoption is the unprofissionalization of the sector, which is still not regulated, raising lots of questions related to taxation. The pioneer of crowdfunding, Catarse, had BRL 32 million in transitions in its four and half years of operation.”

Some of the main Crowdfunding websites in Brazil include:




To learn more about this growing market and some of the funding models available, click here to read the entire article.

Occasio team


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