Unlocking Brazil’s Long-Term Growth Potential

Ashley Kindergan wrote an article in The Financialist that helps people understand a bit more about the reasons for Brazil’s challenges in its search for a longer-term growth.

She comments that “Brazil could have benefited more from a rapid expansion in global trade over the last few decades if its economy were more open…”

Along with, “Brazil has the highest customs tariffs in the world on consumer goods and intermediate products, and the second-highest tariffs on capital goods. The country also imposes heavy non-tariff barriers, including state and federal taxes, and it has not signed as many free-trade agreements as other countries. In 2014, the country had just five trade agreements, compared to 20 in the United States, 40 in Colombia, 44 in the Eurozone, 45 in Mexico, and 54 in Chile.”

“How can Brazil increase its labor productivity to stay competitive in global markets?”

To hear what some of the answers could be for a more longer-term growth approach in reviving Brazil’s economy, read the entire article by clicking here.

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