Payment to Merchants in Brazil

TechinBrazil points out some important issues and potential directions to be considered when working with payment services in Brazil.

As stated in the article, “When contracting payment services from card acquirers in Brazil some aspects of the national standards should be taken into consideration in order for e-commerces to plan their monthly balance. In this article we will describe the payment conditions applied by card acquirers to merchants in Brazil.”

“E-commerces that plan to expand into the Brazilian market have multiple options to allow for payments to be collected from local customers. It is actually possible to receive payment from Brazilians when adopting the services of international acquirers, however this strategy severely limits the size of the available audience, as only a small part of the population has access to credit cards enabled for international transactions. For most scenarios, registering a bank account in Brazil and partnering with a local acquirer is the most valuable of the options available, as it allows for payment to be received from national credit cards and even from methods specific to the country like Boletos Bancários.”

To learn more, and read the entire article, click here.

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