The company Sherpany explains why it’s “Time to get Time Back”

The company Sherpany, a partner of Occasio, offers an innovative and exciting solution to help companies “get time back.”  Read below to learn more.

Just imagine you had extra time.  Every day, day after day. What would you do with it?

With Sherpany, you don’t have to imagine: you get time back.

To become digitalised and connected to the 2.0 world is essential, if not mandatory. Sherpany took up the challenge of engaging high-level executives, and their corporate secretaries, to integrate technology in their most relevant functions: meetings.  Why? So Board Members can focus on what is most important for their business. And to themselves.

The company’s mission is fairly straightforward: Get time back.


SFpic 1

More than just gaining money, gaining time for a better quality of life is by far the most valuable asset in today’s fast moving world. And because time matters to us all, Sherpany launches an award-winning app, designed for modern executives and Board Members. Meetings are shorter than before, attendees come better-prepared and time is spent on decision-making and creative thinking. A swift and hassle-free transition for executives and Board Members to the digital.

Now, it is possible to get back all those hours spent on searching for specific meeting related emails, have at hand the correct version of documents and double-check not to miss a last minute update.

Sherpany’s journey continues with more success stories: the app won double-bronze at ‘Best of Swiss Apps Award’, at the ‘Business’ and ‘Enterprise’ categories. The well-known event occurs in Switzerland and its main purpose is to reward the best app at an annual showcase of the Best Swiss Apps projects. This year, over 200 projects were assessed by a jury of experts and only a handful won.

Winning these prestigious awards comes to show that by being consistent in our strategy to digitise existing processes and decision-making, at the executive level, can have a considerable impact on the markets’, explains Tobias Häckermann CEO at Sherpany.

Sherpany Boardroom app was designed around the user to bring the best results for him and his professional pursuit. Being user-friendly, e-banking secure and fully compliant with regulation are some of the core benefits of the board portal. With more than 100 customers, the app supports positive changes in the way processes are managed. There is no doubt that it will continue to be successful.

Contact: Ioana Bota (EN) & Scheila Silveira (PT)
Product Marketing Manager at SHERPANY
Tel: +41 44 515 89 64 | LinkedIn | Twitter | Newsletter


Occasio team


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