Brazilian government to invest US$4bn in broadband expansion

Brazil needs to increase the access and speed of its internet penetration into the country. This can lead to increased productivity, educational and training opportunities, along with improved communications throughout this continental-sized country.

ZDNET explains a little more about the upcoming investments that the Brazilian government aims to provide throughout 2016.

Some highlights of the article includes:

“The Brazilian government has committed to invest R$15bn ($3.97bn) in the creation and improvement of broadband projects.”

“Earlier this year, the Brazilian government had promised a revamped national broadband plan, with more government investment and the creation of “synergies” between the public and private sector to deliver improved Internet access services across the country.”

“Despite the recession Brazil is currently experiencing, large communications projects such as the development of the country’s broadband infrastructure and the construction of the country’s own satellite have been spared from the budget cuts that have been announced over recent months.”

To read the entire article, click here.

Occasio team


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