Brazil’s Startup Ecosystem and What the Country Needs to do to Get to the Next Level

Through the Geek Time website, there is an interesting article published with interviews of eight different leaders in the entrepreneurial field in Brazil.  Their backgrounds and experiences vary, but there were many similarities that they highlighted in terms of what direction they see Brazil going towards for entrepreneurship development and business opportunities in the Startup scene.

All eight interviewees were asked the same four questions, which were:

1. What do you think makes the Brazil startup scene special?

2. What do you think will be the most important trends in the Brazil tech & startup scene in the coming years?

3. What are the biggest challenges facing the Brazilian startup scene, and what do you think needs to be done to overcome them?

4. What are the most important startups in this scene at the moment?

To read their answers to these questions, and the entire article, click here.

Occasio team


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