Strengthening the Brazilian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through the “Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystem” model.

We recently wrote about the upcoming visit of Mr. Robert Kim Wilson, the Co-Founder of the company TLC Mind, based in San Francisco, to Brazil in late August and early September this year.  He brought with him a proposal of an innovative model of creating, developing and more effectively strengthening one’s own business ecosystem in order to obtain the maximum and optimal results for your business.  This new mindset of developing the entrepreneurs’ ecosystem, and a larger entrepreneurial environment in general, is called a “Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystem” (PDBE).

You can read more about this previous post here.  (post em português)

The results of the visit were a huge success.  After over 25 meetings, five training workshops organized, and three cities visited (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and Campinas) in just 2 weeks, the feedback received was very encouraging.   Some of the institutions and companies we spoke with, and that provided incredible support throughout the visit, include:

Sebrae-RJ;  Instituto IBMEC;  University of IBMEC;  NAVE (a Pre-Acceleration program, located in the Estacio University);  SALOMON, AZZI;  21212 Accelerator;  Associação Comercial do Rio de Janeiro – ACRio (Business Association in Rio de Janeiro);  Endeavor;  Shell Iniciativa Jovem Program;   Grupo MESA;  FINXI;  Rio Resiliente and Visão 500 movements in Rio de Janeiro;;  Nucleus of Entrepreneurship at the University of São Paulo;  Inventta;  Instituto Millenium;  CONJOVE (Young Entrepreneurs Group which is part of the ACRio in Rio de Janeiro);  Núcleo de Jovens Empreendedores do CIESP in São Paulo;  Infodesk Technologies; WebMoment; Startup Rio;  Rotary Campinas; Startup Farm; ABStartups; X4Start

From the meetings and discussions we had with representatives of these institutions and companies mentioned above, it shows that there exists a clear interest in pursuing this new way of approaching the development of entrepreneurial activities, and complementing existing and effective initiatives already.

So what is the Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystem about?  

Below is a brief description of the mindset and approaches that TLC Mind presents, through the PDBE model, and what it offers entrepreneurs and the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in general.

TLC Mind introduces a new business model designed to maximize the potential of a bottom-up approach and remove dependencies on slow-moving organizations to provide external assistance (financial or otherwise).

The TLC Mind model makes no assumptions about how qualified you may or may not be. The processes and approaches can be understood by anyone who has managerial experience.

Your business exists because you have a unique ability to take advantage of a market, geography, product or service.  What you are unlikely to have is the ability to do everything yourself.

It seems like an overly simple point, but you need to leverage your relationships with other people and organizations.  No doubt you already do this to some extent (either formally or informally), and these relationships can be classified in three ways:

A business network that creates opportunities,

A business ecosystem that creates results, and

A purpose-driven business ecosystem that creates optimal results

Almost all businesses will have a network (i.e. businesses you know about and communicate with) and most will have an ecosystem (i.e. businesses you interact with), but designing, developing and managing a Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystem will help you generate the most effective results for your business!

TLC Mind is pioneering the innovative model to create and maintain Purpose-driven Business Ecosystems.  These are environments specifically designed and focused on your own particular needs. While the approach can be considered generic, the results are very specific and uniquely tailored to your business.

This is not a model of an incubator or accelerator environment – it is an entirely new approach ensuring that your business maintains as efficient and effective as possible, while dealing with the inevitable constraints placed on any organization.

What’s next?

You can follow our ongoing work in Brazil via the recently launched TLCM-Brasil LinkedIn and Facebook pages.  Through these TLCM-Brasil links, we will also be publishing some of the main ideas and content that encompasses the PDBE mindset and model.  We invite you to follow us on Social Media!

To contact us directly, in case you want to learn more about the PDBE model and the future trainings in Brazil, or how to get involved with the growing work that TLCM-Brasil is developing, feel free to send us an email at:


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