Towards Fandom: How Companies can win Shareholders’ Hearts with Technology

Occasio International Advisory Services (Occasio) had the privilege of connecting with and learning more about the incredible work that the company Sherpany is doing in Europe and throughout other regions.  Below is a more in-depth description of what the company does and what their insights are in terms of future trends and opportunities in the field of investor relations.


In 1929, Frigyes Karinthy shocked the world by suggesting that everything and everyone is
closer than we think. Almost a century later, we are still learning how to connect.

There is a theory called Six Degrees of Separation. It was first mentioned by Frigyes Karinthy in 1929, in Hungary. The name is almost self-explanatory, but here we go: the distance between two people anywhere in the world, if we consider a “friend of a friend”-type chain of relationships, is of five people. Maximum. In other words, I am at five  people – six degrees, if I count you – away from our next happy hour together. Jokes aside, the experiment shocked the world by suggesting that everything and everyone is closer to than we think. When it comes to communication between companies and their shareholders, we are only beginning to learn how to connect. This after almost a century.

Truth be told, there are many challenges to overcome before effectively communicating with the entire shareholder base. To name a few: the number of private investors is by far larger than the number of employees in investor relations departments. Records with contact information are incomplete or outdated. In the better cases, eye-to-eye contact occurs only once a year, in the General Shareholders Meeting. No matter how small the world is to Karinthy’s eyes, our paths so far have proved impractical.

Luckily, solution is on the horizon. To exceed, go digital. Use technology to connect, literally and emotionally. There is an European web service that will be launched in Brazil next month. Sherpany has everything to become the go-to app when it comes to investor relations. It allows direct interaction via smartphone or computer. For shareholders, its main benefit is acting as a communication hub. Or, as in a fascinating text by Charlene Li, “the simple act of listening—and letting colleagues know that they are being heard—is the first crucial step to meaningful collaboration”.

Sherpany works as a one-stop-shop – a digital content aggregator, presenting information from companies of the investment portfolio. For companies, it enhances relationship management because it allows companies to connect, communicate and remain closer to shareholders all the time, following up on their opinion in a simple, personal and direct manner.

To adopt such tools is to prepare for the near future. The E.Life released more specific insights on Brazil. First, that the smartphone has become the primary means of Internet access. Second, that young people are increasingly open to sources of information other than the press. There is no doubt that more success will come to whoever embraces 2.0 culture today, and in shortly connects with this tech-savvy audience.

The results may surprise you. Informing in a coherent, systematic and consistent way is the first step towards strengthening trust. Going further and promoting a closer communication with shareholders is essential to efficient, stable and respected governance. It becomes easier to provide shareholders insight into the courses led by management. Even more: to encourage voting consistent with the collective interests of the organization.

In a digitally connected world, power and influence are increasingly related to the exponential ability to spread ideas to a network. When a shareholder becomes a fan, he encourages his peers – and the environment around him – to do the same.


Below is the contact information for Sherpany’s team, in case you want to learn more about their work:

Ioana Bota |  |  +351 92 302 4817

Occasio team


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