Cubo, a new coworking space is trying to fast-track São Paulo’s Startup scene

The publication by Fast Company  highlights the newest player in the Startup Scene in São Paulo, and Brazil.  It is called Cubo.

“Cubo aims to make São Paulo—Brazil’s largest city and the economic capital of Latin America—into a startup hub to rival Silicon Valley by fostering entrepreneurs with the same perks American startup founders enjoy, like a close-knit community, access to investors, and what Cubo’s founders are calling the “serendipity” that’s so vital to making connections in business.”

The article also mentions that “by giving entrepreneurs more of the perks that Silicon Valley offers, Cubo aims to make Brazil’s biggest city a new business hotspot.”

Explaining its background, “Cubo was born out of a three-pronged collaboration from Pripas, the São Paulo-based Internet entrepreneur and CEO of Bitinvest; Brazil’s largest bank, Itaú Unibanco; and Redpoint—a partnership between Menlo Park-headquartered Redpoint Ventures and San Francisco’s”

This is an exciting step forward for São Paulo’s (and Brazil’s) Startup Scene, and allows entrepreneurs to have further opportunities to learn and exchange ideas, more access to capital and possibilities to strengthen the growing ecosystem in the city.

To read the entire article, click here.

Occasio team

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