Brazil, a promising market on the Web

The Panamerican World website wrote a very important article about the impact that the web has in Brazil. Starting out with quotes like these –

“Brazil is the fifth largest market for the internet worldwide. Brazilians are heavy internet users, spending more time on-line than any other nation.”

“The internet’s Brazilian market has never been stronger. In 2014, the total number of on-line users reached 50% of the population, which works out to be approximately one hundred million people.”

But what does this mean in business terms?

As an example:

“For businesses already working or assessing the on-line market in Brazil, this is a promising moment. According to Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB), an American investment firm, the country is also the fifth largest web market in the world. Right now, there are four areas with growing demand: mobile applications, gaming, geolocation services and video/TV on-demand (especially for smartphones). A significant fact is that 75% of active users access the internet and/or social media platforms via their mobile handsets.”

Very interesting times for business development in these fields, for companies interested in the Brazilian market.

To read the entire article, click here.

Occasio team


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