Teenagers Online in Brazil – Huge Consumer Audience and Business Opportunities

TechinBrazil has produced yet another outstanding article highlighting a key trend in the consumer market in Brazil.  Briefly stated, “The teenage consumer audience in Brazil represents some of the main sources of revenue for a number of brands and targeting this public can yield sizable results.” In this article we will describe the online habits of teenagers in Brazil and how to target this audience.”

Below are some initial descriptions of the online habits of teenagers in Brazil, and how to target this audience:

Teenage Consumers in Brazil

“With recent shifts in market trends, a large portion of teenagers have migrated from spending mostly in product categories such as clothing and fashion items to focusing their attention and budgets on technology products and other types of personal style items, and this way also turned into a notable target audience for these company segments.”

“More importantly, teenagers are spending a large portion of their days on social networks, browsing websites and on other online environments, a behaviour that creates unprecedented opportunities for advertisers interested in this public.”

Place of Connection and Types of Devices 

“The various types of locations for internet access are related to the multiple devices used by teenagers in Brazil, close to 71% of this audience use desktop computers, 45% use notebooks, 62% use smartphones and 16% use tablets for connection. The combination of these devices favors advertising that is able to track users from multiple devices during the day in order to reach them at the best occasion for conversion.”

Favored Activities and Content 

“Social networks also have tremendous appeal to teenagers in Brazil. Around 90% of users aged 13 to 17 have profiles on the most popular social networks in the country, like Facebook and 66% of them access these networks on a daily basis. This public shows a positive reception to social network advertising, as 60% of these users claimed to have liked an advert and 38% have shared advertising content with friends.”

Popular Media Outlets and Social Networks

“Content such as pop culture have also become highly popular among the teenage audience, and media outlets in this segment such as Omelete, Judão, Jovem Nerd and Sedentário & Hiperativo can prove to be viable media platforms to reach this public.”

To read the entire article, click here.

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