Loyalty Programs for E-commerce in Brazil

TechinBrazil highlights different examples of loyalty programs that exist for the E-commerce market in Brazil.  In the article, it states that “Partnerships with loyalty program providers are a viable way to attract more customers and gather more engagement for online stores.”

In addition –

“Though not as large as in countries like the United States, the market for loyalty programs in Brazil has been expanding over recent years. Some analysts point out the economic conditions for the country as one of the main factors responsible for the rise of loyalty programs, and that total revenue for companies in this sector amount for R$11 billion.”

“Research from 2014 by companies ComScore and UPS found that, overall, Brazilian consumers are more interested in benefits such as free shipping, free products and discounts when taking part in loyalty programs. Some of the main factors of interest for loyalty programs found in their survey include:

  • Product discounts: 57%
  • Free shipping: 53%
  • Free products, gift certificates or cash back: 47%
  • Exclusive access to sales and promotions: 25%
  • Convenience or higher priority service: 17%
  • Low cost 1-2 day shipping: 17%”

“Their survey results indicate that Brazilian consumers are less interested in rewards such as free products than US consumers. Interestingly, the few proprietary loyalty programs available from Brazilian online stores mostly offer benefits along the lines of gift certificates, free products and discounts inside their store.”

To read more about the examples of loyalty programs already used in the Brazilian market, click here to read the entire article.

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