B2Brazil – Your Source for Business With Brazil!

B2Brazil is a partner of Occasio International Advisory Services (Occasio) and has recently launched a new version of their website.  Below is an interview B2Brazil provided for Occasio, describing an overview of the business opportunities they offer to Brazilian and international companies.  To learn more about the new and recently launched B2Brazil Trade Portal, click here.

General Background / description of B2Brazil.com?


THROUGH OUR PLATFORM, thousands of companies connect and do business daily.

We are a Brazilian company, and we know our market, and how to get things done.

BRAZILIAN COMPANIES sell their products in the international market and domestic market, foreign companies buy Brazilian products, sell their products in Brazil and hire contractors to help with their Brazilian business needs.

WE UNDERSTAND that the Micro, Small and Medium enterprises are the engine for most economies and offer enormous trade potential, however have limited opportunities to sell their products and services globally.

THE INTERNET enables new and affordable channels of marketing. Our marketplace offers a unique opportunity for companies to promote their products and services in the Brazilian domestic market and in the international market.

WE HAVE BEEN IN THE B2B market since 2010. Throughout this time, we have learned a lot from our customers and users.  We have partnered with major public and private institutions and have conquered a mostly untapped market in Brazil that has enormous potential.

OUR NEW PLATFORM is a reflection of our experience in this market. Our system is unique, designed to generate business for our customers and to build an increasingly solid foundation of Brazilian and foreign importers and exporters.

WE WILL CONTINUE to grow and invest in new services and new technological solutions, as we believe in our mission of being the source of business between Brazil and the world.

How did the idea of creating B2Brazil.com come about?  

B2Brazil was founded and evolved according to the market direction and needs.  Although the Chinese have multiple Chinese B2B trade portals, Brazil does not have any to support it’s 6 million SMEs, 25,000 of which export.  Due to language, business and legal barriers, it is difficult for a non-Brazilian company to do business in Brazil without a partner.  B2Brazil was created as www.B2Brazil.com to be an effective, efficient and inexpensive means for Brazilian companies to be promoted outside of Brazil.  Over time, the trends showed two developments (1) Non-Brazilian companies were registering to sell products to Brazil and (2) Brazilian companies were accessing the English-language www.B2Brazil.com to contact Brazilian companies in Portuguese due to it’s breadth of companies.  As a result, we launched www.B2Brazil.com.br, a Portuguese-language mirror of the English flagship version, where non-Brazilian companies are promoted and Brazilian companies can do business with Brazilian companies.

The site has built-in translators for content and communications.  Brazilians register in Portuguese at www.B2Brazil.com.br and their content is translated into English and promoted on both .com and .com.br,  and vice-versa for non-Brazilians.  Also, a contact sent in English is translated into Portuguese for the Brazilians and vice-versa, facilitating communications.

We have also added Trade Services to our offerings to assist companies in doing business inside and outside of Brazil.

What kind of companies register and do business in B2Brazil.com?

Companies of all sizes have registered, but the primary type of company is a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) that cannot afford to do it alone or does not know how, or realizes that they get the best promotion for the cost from B2Brazil.com.  Companies buy and sell goods and services of all types.

What sectors do you think have the most opportunities now in Brazil?  

All sectors have opportunities because the silver lining of the Brazilian economic crisis is that the Reais has devalued and Brazilian goods are much cheaper for export and for domestic consumption as well.  We see much more effort and activity from domestic B2B, and in fact as high as 40% of leads come for domestic transactions.

What are the biggest challenges that international companies face when doing business in Brazil?

There are multiple challenges faced by non-Brazilian companies, including legal, regulatory, business, cultural and language challenges.  Non-Brazilians really need a local partner.  B2Brazil presents itself as the local partner either virtually or through personal services for its premium members.  Again, you cannot find a more efficient, effective and inexpensive means to access Brazil.

How do companies register into B2Brazil.com?  

Companies can register for B2Brazil by accessing www.B2Brazil.com.  Registration is quick and easy.

Occasio team




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