The Positioning of a Foreign Company in Brazil

This article, written by The Brazil Business, stresses some key points for foreign companies to be aware of when entering the Brazilian market.  Many of these inputs are valid in other countries as well, of course, but there are a few specific areas of communication that a foreign company needs to pay attention to, and make sure they are ready to commit to when entering the Brazilian market successfully.

Brand Communication

“Corporate communication and positioning are extremely important because they show that the company stands out for its innovations and understands the needs and desires of its consumers.”

Tips on how to position your company in Brazil

“It is essential that your company adapt to Portuguese, the official language in Brazil. Remember that there are differences between the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil and the Portuguese spoken in other countries such as Portugal.”

“Brazilian consumers like to interact with their favourite brands and to learn more about the company.”

Strategic planning towards different social classes in Brazil

“In Brazil the differences between the social classes is very defined. It is common to call these classes A, B, C and D. The A and B classes are the upper classes and the C and D are the lower classes.”

“In addition, when we talk about consumer products and services inside this context, it is important to know whether you are targeting the upper or lower or sometimes for both.”

How to begin

“If you want to expand your business to Brazil you must have a solid communication plan that shows above all, your market differential. The idea is to search for Brazilian companies that provide strategic communication services which can help your brand adapt itself and gain prominence in the country.”

To read the entire article, click here.

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