Targeting Parents-to-be in Brazil

TechinBrazil has provided another interesting and important article regarding an emerging market niche in Brazil – the “Parents-to-be.”  Several kinds of products and services can benefit from this large number of potential consumers.

This article highlights “the profile of parents in the country, what the most consumed products are and what are the most popular media outlets for this group.”

As background information, “the rate of mothers over the age of 30 for each Brazilian region are as follows:

  • North Region: 21,2%
  • Northeast Region: 26.1%
  • Southeast Region: 34,6%
  • South Region: 33,6%
  • Center-West Region: 28,8%”

The article will further explain what the effects of these statistics and assumptions (involving % of these women having children, and their educational background) have on targeting specific goods in the different regions across the country.

To read and learn more about what types of products are most searched by these parents-to-be, and what are the more popular media outlets that these consumers use to find goods they seek to purchase, click here – to read the entire article.

Occasio team


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