What you need to know about business meetings, market research and general knowledge about doing business in Latin America.

Gabriela Castro Fontoura, the Director of Sunny Sky Solutions, writes great articles about doing business in Latin America.

We encourage you to read them below:

5 truths of business meetings in Latin America
“If you’re planning a meeting, remember that Latin Americans are very sociable and face-to-face meetings are important to us – do value them beyond any agenda. The first meetings are likely to be more about learning about each other than about closing any deals. But you will move on from there and, as the relationships become stronger, you might get more quickly down-to-business.”

To read the entire article, click here.

Peeking into the South American international trade divide: protectionist Atlantic vs. open Pacific
“Whatever we think about each arrangement politically and economically, it’s clear that one of the strongest trade divides in South America is a protectionist East (Atlantic) versus an open West (Pacific). Make sure you understand these variations, since they can be critical to pricing and logistics, for example. Also, make sure you understand the synergies within and across blocks when choosing and developing export markets in the region. And that’s without mentioning countries like Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela.”

To read the entire article, click here.

Why just facts aren’t enough to do business with Latin American countries
“Two key pieces of advice: 1. We always say that Latin American markets take time. This way of ‘subjective’ thinking and processing information is one of the reasons why. We can change factual opinions much quicker than we can change ‘subjective feelings’. 2. Do not underestimate the power of a local contact/representative and/or someone in your home country who can navigate these subtleties. This can be the difference between sales and no business at all. Can you do business in these countries ignoring all of this? Yes, but it will be harder, much more frustrating and – even – slower.”

To read the entire article, click here.

5 compelling reasons you should invest in market research before exporting to Latin America
“1. Because you need evidence for your export strategy.
2. Because knowledge is power.
3. Because it shows that you care.
4. Because it can save you an awful lot of time. And cash.
5. Because it’s the only way of convincing the Board.”

“Market intelligence is not a cost, it’s an investment. Successful exporters know it.”

To read more in depth about these 5 key points, click here.

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