Taking Brazilian entrepreneurs and companies to another level!


The companies TLC Mind, Emperia LLC, DDE Comunicação, and Occasio International Advisory Services (Occasio) are working together to improve the performance of entrepreneurial-driven businesses across Brazil. By applying principles rooted in Silicon Valley experience and tested across international markets globally, the suite of products and services focuses on developing exceptional business ecosystems for its clients and partners.

Mr. Robert Kim Wilson, founder of TLC Mind, has authored a seminal book titled: They will be Giants – 21st Century Entrepreneurs and the Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystem [Giants]. This book describes a new entrepreneurial business model which capitalizes on one of the most underutilized assets available to literally all aspiring entrepreneurs – their own business ecosystem.

The phrase Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystem (PDBE) indicates that your business leadership team can quite literally, strategically plan and execute much of the business ecosystem in which it lives and flourishes. Any business ecosystem will produce results. But by exerting purpose and direction upon the development of your own ecosystem, it will produce the results you desire. If your ecosystem has evolved and been shaped based upon the overall purpose and results you desire for your business… i.e., it’s purpose-driven.

The institutions and companies that join TLC Mind – Brasil, automatically become an integral part of our global business ecosystem.  Working together with you and your team, we will be able to design and implement innovative training workshops focused on improving and enhancing the entrepreneurial ecosystems for your organization as well as your customers/clients.  These targeted trainings offered to entrepreneurs, businesses, institutions, and government agencies will also provide certificates for qualified trainers.

  • Become one of the first in Brazil to learn about this ground breaking PDBE concept – AND how to apply  it to your business to improve business performance in your chosen markets.
  • Discover how to become a certified Business Ecosystem Expert [BEE] – and thus adding additional leveraged value to your portfolio of professional services.
  • Learn how to join the rapidly growing ecosystem of Brazilian entrepreneurs and business support professionals, who are already working together to build SuperTeams and their own Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystem(s).
  • Learn about the unique and highly effective methods for developing SuperTeams – where you and key business partners can effectively join forces to accomplish significant, mutually beneficial achievement in your chosen markets.

Having worked for decades in the Silicon Valley area, in San Francisco, both TLC Mind and Emperia LLC have ample experiences working with different sized companies, and helping them grow and identify new opportunities in the United States and abroad.  Occasio and DDE Comunicação have extensive experience working with entrepreneurs from Brazil and all over the Latin America and Caribbean region.

With TLC Mind and Emperia LLC located in San Francisco, and Occasio and DDE Comunicação located in Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba, respectively, these opportunities can be provided in person (if applicable), and via online tools (like Skype, webex.com and videoconferencing locations).

To learn more about the innovative methods and tools that can support your company and the business growth and expansion you seek, feel free to contact us for further information, or to learn more about the Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystem program.

Email us at contact@occasioias.com

To read more about what the Purpose-Driven Business Ecosystem is all about – click on this LinkedIn article, written by one of the project leaders in San Francisco, Ms. Del Langdon.

For the IT businesses, it is essential to be in contact with the environment created in Silicon Valley.  The successful professionals there are much more open in helping and sharing information, and to learn directly from their success is very important for our own growth.  Having someone on the ground that knows the locals, is aware of the events taking place and has a high level of networking, makes the investment to go there worth it.  For these reasons, the support we received from the TLC Mind – Brasil program was key in making our trip to San Francisco a success.
Érica Castilho – CEO of Web Moment

Occasio team




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