Rio State Boosts Partnership with American Chamber of Commerce

An article on The Rio Times highlights the importance of the commercial ties and partnership between Brazil and the United States.

“Strengthening commercial ties between Brazil and the United States is one of the main goals of the new board of the American Chamber of Commerce in Rio de Janeiro (AmCham Rio), according to Rio’s state press.”

“American expatriate in Rio and Senior Vice President of Forward Properties International do Brasil, Jeff Sobel, shared an outlook of business in Brazil, “In the near-term (6-12 months), due to a number of factors such as the slow down in the economy, rising inflation and unemployment rates, and ongoing corruption investigations, Brazil will be an especially challenging business environment. Nevertheless, with an expanding middle class and abundant natural resources, there continues to be great potential that should not be overlooked.”

“With the approach of the relations between the United States and Brazil and the largest trade and economic gap between the two countries, sectors such as energy, infrastructure, logistics technology, services, tourism and creative industry will benefit. We want to boost the business environment in Rio” said the new president of AmCham Rio, Rafael Sampaio da Motta.”

To read the entire article, click here.

Occasio team


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