Opportunities in the Brazilian Hospitals sector

A great article – highlighting the growing opportunities that exist in the Brazilian Hospitals sector – was posted on Mr. Tom Reaoch’s website, “Talk 2 Brazil.com – the Business Connection.”  He explained the recent policy changes and how it can benefit the foreign investor when looking for business opportunities that now exist in this sector.

Some short briefs from the article include:

“Brazilian hospitals and health clinics are drawing strong interest from global buyout firms after the government recently decided to allow foreign ownership of those facilities, although the suitors may find only a few promising targets.”

“Private equity tops a list of potential investors in a sector that represents 10 per cent of Brazil’s gross domestic product and shows promise of growth but is hobbled by aging infrastructure, a dearth of qualified staff and rising costs.”

“President Dilma Rousseff’s decision last month to end the ban on foreign ownership in the sector seeks to lure capital into Brazil’s 6,800 private hospitals. Until now, foreigners could only gain exposure to the sector by buying health insurers the way UnitedHealth Group Inc did in 2012, when it paid US$4.9 billion for Amil Participações SA.”

To learn more about the growing opportunities, but also of the continuous challenges that the sector presents to all its stakeholders, read the entire article by clicking the following link .

Occasio team



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