LatAm Startups Conference 2.0, in Toronto, Canada (July 2015)

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Following the successful first edition of the LatAm Startups Conference hosted in Santiago, Chile, in September of 2014 – this year, GoSouth Consulting, in close partnership with Startup Canada, is hosting the 2nd edition of the event in Toronto, Canada, from July 9-10, 2015.  The tremendous results from the networking that took place during the first edition of the conference has reinforced the need for this continued exchange of lessons learned and collaboration between some of the main stakeholders in the Startup and entrepreneurial fields throughout Latin America and Canada.

To read more about the conference that took place in Chile last year, 2014, click here.

Ms. Victoria Lennox, the CEO and co-founder of Startup Canada (who also participated in the first edition of the LatAm Startups Conference), stated, “There are ample opportunities for startup growth in both Canada and Latin America,” and
“I look forward to meeting with visiting startup community leaders and connecting them with sister cities here in Canada.”
To read the full press release about the upcoming event in Canada this year, click here.

On March 23, Ms. Victoria Lennox hosted a webinar to talk about the opportunities for Startups in Canada.  To view the recorded webinar, clink on the following link.

Ms. Miryam Lazarte, the CEO of the LatAm Startups Conference, highlighted the following, “We live in an age of exponentially increasing innovation,” and “this creates opportunities for Canada and Latin America, both booming with world-class startups, to work hand-in-hand for mutual profitability and growth.”

To stay updated about the event, visit the official website at

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