Fun LinkedIn articles about lessons learned on how to do business in Brazil

5 Effective Tactics to do Business in Brazil

Carlos Monteiro wrote about some effective tactics he uses when doing business in Brazil.  He lives and works in Denmark, and has extensive experience working with local Brazilian partners.

In short, these are Carlos’s suggested tactics on how to do business in Brazil:

1. Use all available Resources

2. Establish a Brand position in Brazil

3. Use Guerilla Tactics

4. Bypass Hierarchy

5. Exporting and Importing requirements

To read Carlos Monteiro’s article on LinkedIn, click here.

Business Lessons You Can Learn from Brazilians

Vanessa del Valle Magalhães writes an article that provides a more general, yet still important, description of some key concepts that foreigners would benefit in knowing beforehand, when they think about doing business in Brazil.

She mentions these four fun facts about the Brazilian way of doing things:

1. The Jeitinho 

2. Laugh about yourself

3. Laugh together with your co-workers

4. Never miss an opportunity

To read Vanessa’s article on LinkedIn, click here.

Want to Close a Deal in Latin America?

Luz Rainov explains the importance of speaking Spanish and/or Portuguese when doing business in Latin America.

To read more about what Luz has to say, click here.

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