Three Steps Toward Clean Technology Business Success in Brazil

“Brazil has long been at the forefront of the clean technology revolution. With an abundance of raw materials and a large potential wind market, Brazil has seen a 19 percent increase in renewable energy capacity over the past five years according to The Pew Charitable Trusts’ 2013 Who’s Winning the Clean Energy Race report. In addition, with $3.1 billion in clean technology investments in 2013, Brazil is home to a growing business environment that many U.S. clean technology companies are keen to capitalize on.

Yet, foreign markets can present new and often unfamiliar business risks. American companies looking to Brazil to source funding, drive supply chains, leverage contract manufacturing and sell their services may be unaware of the new risks that could impact the long-term success or even existence of their business. Advanced knowledge of the business landscape and an up to date business recovery plan are critical to the success of clean tech companies seeking to take advantage of the opportunities in Brazil.”

These three steps include the following headlines:

– Abide by Local Regulations

– Ensure Employee Safety

– Evaluate your Supply Chain

To read more about these three recommended steps, click here to access the entire article.

Occasio team


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