Unleashing Brazil’s Innovation Potential

This past month, Accenture published an article in reference to Brazil’s Innovation Potential!  A great read, and also useful insights to help better prepare for future opportunities in working with Brazilian companies.

They state –

“As more Brazilian companies recognize how a more open, international and collaborative mindset can complement their considerable existing strengths, we anticipate a future in which Brazil could become a byword for innovation—worldwide.”

“…Accenture research and experience strongly suggest that with a more open mindset, Brazil’s innovation deficit can be overcome.”

“Successful innovation increasingly hinges on collaborating across a truly broad network—encompassing consumers, employees and even competitors.  Yet despite Brazilians’ penchant for networking, a “trust deficit” may in fact be one of the country’s major handicaps. Brazilians, it seems, are reluctant to trust one another, let alone strangers.”

To read the entire article, click here.

To read the PDF version (full report), click here.

Occasio team


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