Pernambuco – Brazil’s Northeast New Economic Powerhouse


Brazil’s Northeast Region promotes some of the fastest growing local economies in the country, and with a lot more space to innovate, grow markets and provide high returns for investments.  The State of Pernambuco in particular, and its capital, Recife, provide for immense opportunities for businesses (from Brazil and from abroad), to capitalize on the growing markets in the city and region.

To read more, and watch the video included in the article, click here.

Brief highlights from the article:

“The state of Pernambuco forms part of a cluster of regions of Northeastern Brazil which continue to remain the most popular for foreign real estate investors.

Additionally, states such as Pernambuco are popular for overseas buyers due to their closer proximity to both the USA and Europe and the fact that real estate values, generally speaking, are cheaper – particularly when compared to the south of Brazil.

An information and communication technology hub housing hundreds of companies dominates the historic center of the State’s capital Recife.”

Occasio team


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