Internet usage in Brazil – and in what ways has Whatsapp been used by businesses in Brazil!

TechinBrazil has been producing some great articles regarding technology advances taking place in Brazil.

Below are two articles that are important to read for business people or companies interested in doing business in Brazil.

Internet Usage 

To read about the changes in trends by Brazilians in internet usage, from their homes, internet cafes and mobile phones, read the entire article here.   An important note from the article highlights the following:

“In 2013, sales of smartphones in Brazil grew a jaw-dropping 123% with over 35 million of these devices sold to consumers, an increase that surpassed both the government and market expectations. With the rapid expansion of mobile networks to regions of the country and the substantial increase in usage of mobile networks, Brazilian internet users became predominantly mobile-connected and no longer restricted to the specific locations where they could access the web.”

Whatsapp in Brazil 

“WhatsApp has quickly become a phenomenon in Brazil, not only because of its ever-growing user base in the country but for the innovative ways businesses are using the application. In this article we will look at the ways that Brazilian businesses are using WhatsApp.”

More resources about technology updates taking place in Brazil 

We also encourage you to read the other articles produced by TechinBrazil, which provides useful and practical information about E-Commerce in Brazil, Online Payment in Brazil, and Online Advertising in Brazil.

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