Interview with Mr. Les Neumann, from the iCAN-Global Network!


The iCAN-Global is a Virtual Commercialization & Acceleration Network, that links global business and technology resources with innovators worldwide – Where Experience Advances Innovation!

What can iCAN-Global offer? 

iCAN-Global accelerates opportunities for funding, revenue growth & market expansion.

iCAN-Global is a digital, collaborative network of experienced executives, advisers and partners assembled to accelerate the growth of early, emerging and mature companies.

Their digital infrastructure levels the playing field for everyone regardless of location.  iCAN-Global is about access & provides businesses with:

  • Access to the iCAN-Global library of knowledge resources
  • Access to experienced executives, consultants, professionals, service providers and investors
  • Access to iCAN-Global partners and
  • Access to new markets through the iCAN-Global worldwide network of Business Development Executives

To learn more about their work, visit their website at:
You can also follow the iCAN-Global blog at:

Occasio is working closely with iCAN-Global in order to expand their opportunities into the Brazilian market, along with helping Brazilian companies interested in expanding their products/services into the United States or other markets abroad – where iCAN-Global can reach through their network of local partners.

We interviewed Mr. Les Neumann, the CEO of iCAN-Global.  Mr. Neumann is also the Managing Director of Hudson Valley Center for Innovation (HVCFI), a 501C3 not for profit cleantech and energy incubator that has served the greater Hudson Valley of New York since 2005.  He has been a serial entrepreneur since the 1970’s involved in the digital print industry, electronic scent and cosmetic application, virtual reality and software and hardware development.  His interview follows below:

How can iCAN-Global help Brazilian businesses unlock value or find new markets?  What is the main thing that differentiates iCAN-Global from other advisory services?

While iCAN-Global is New York based, we have established a global network of experienced executives, technologists, industry sector specialists, professionals (legal and financial) all with an eye towards licensing, sales, marketing for new products and services.

iCAN-Global’s methodology was developed by iCANny.  Why did you decide to expand the platform globally and what are your interests abroad?  Why Brazil?

The virtual methodology was indeed developed in New York by our partner iCANny going back to 2010. iCANny started as a traditional place-based technology incubator. When we decided to become virtual, we expanded our geographic reach, attracted many new mentors, executives and clients that we would never have reached and increased our sales volumes exponentially.

After accomplishing the virtual state in New York, coupled with the amount of international business experience from our existing mentors, advisors and management team, the choice was obvious to go international. There were other factors as well:

  1. The growth and availability of the internet suggested that new markets were becoming cost-effective and available to companies large and small.
  2. Technology is not a local activity. To meet the demands of sophisticated investors, it is essential to open new markets and new revenue streams.

South America is a wonderful environment to launch new and innovative products and services especially in the areas of cleantech, energy and renewables. Through the iCAN-Global network, we can explore the licensing of innovations from all over the world that can be introduced into South American and Brazil as well as offer commercialization opportunities for Brazilian companies on an international level.

Can you share an example or two of how iCAN-Global helped a business expand into or beyond a developing country like Brazil?

A Swedish solar-thermal manufacturer was anxious to expand in the United States. Through the iCAN-Global representative in Sweden, we were able to introduce the company to an US company who has contracted not only for product sales, but in building, manufacturing and for distribution facilities throughout the US.

The object is to bring these innovative technologies to a country, find local representation and licensing, deliver an opportunity for manufacturing, marketing, sales and growth – making it a true economic gain for the country.

Occasio International Advisory Services and iCAN-Global have recently partnered to offer enhanced services to companies interested in the Brazilian market.  How important is it to have linkages between local partners and iCAN’s global network? 

One of the great misconceptions is that companies can perform integration into foreign countries without the assistance of experts who understand the culture, language and intricacies of doing business in the country.

Brazil, like many other South American markets, is considered to be an emerging economy. In most emerging economies there are written and unwritten rules of engagement when it comes to starting, expanding or operating businesses. Therefore it is an imperative to have local representation.

We also want our local representatives to be involved not only in the process but the outcomes as well. In this way, they can use their knowledge and expertise for financial gain while uncovering additional opportunities.

What are the main areas / sectors where iCAN-Global focuses more of its work at? 

Cleantech, renewable energy, LED lighting, waste to energy, water purification, air filtration, solar PV and solar thermal. Medical devices, genome research, bio-pharma, healthcare, and Information technology.

Occasio team


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