Florianópolis – The best city in Brazil for Entrepreneurs!


Florianópolis, the capital city of the State of Santa Catarina, in the southern part of the country, has been highlighted as the best city in Brazil for Entrepreneurs!

With high levels of education among its population, good traffic conditions and quality of life, along with cheaper taxes imposed, the city provides a strong base for entrepreneurs to pursue business opportunities and increase productivity.

The measurement of this comes from the work done on the Index of Entrepreneurial Cities 2014 (Índice de Cidades Empreendedoras 2014 (ICE) – in Portuguese), which calculates 55 indicators, grouped in 7 main areas, including: regulatory environment, infrastructure, markets, access to capital, innovation, human capital and culture.

This kind of research and information provides the cities a guide to help them identify gaps and challenges which they may still need to address in order to improve their business environment.  It also shows opportunities already existent, which can help attract future entrepreneurs or larger businesses to establish themselves locally.

To access and read the original article in Portuguese, click here.

Occasio team


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