Great Blog input about doing business in Brazil – The growing opportunities


The MBA & Company mixes business and digital expertise, along with a platform that responds to the needs of their business clients and gives them access to the expertise they need.   They recently publishes a a blog post about some general insights on doing business in Brazil.

Some highlights from this blog include:

– “is the world’s fifth most populous nation, and offers phenomenal natural resources: oil reserves estimated at 14 billion barrels, 29,000 million tonnes of iron ore reserves, with the world’s third highest annual production rate, and is second only to the US in terms of both soybean and beef production.”

– “the Brazilian economy has combined monetary stability, fiscal responsibility and social inclusion to create a new, extremely resilient development model.”

– “Brazil’s high import tariffs are designed to encourage international businesses to manufacture their goods within the country, a strategy which has worked well for companies such as Microsoft (who were then able to sell more of their games consoles within Brazil by offering them at a lower price), though others have had to resort to working with a local partner in order to bypass some of the legal and regulatory challenges.”

– “One thing that remains is the immense potential and energy that exist within Brazilian culture and society. The country has a growing population, 40% of which is currently under age 25, and was recently named “the social media capital of the universe” by the Wall Street Journal. Despite the occasional challenges of doing business in Brazil, this rapidly emerging economic powerhouse is replete with opportunities.”

To read the entire blog post, click here.

Occasio team


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