Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Brazil! Programs that will help drive your company to further success!

Opportunities to increase sales, improve management practices and productivity, and develop your own business ecosystem so your company can continue growing at all levels.  What are these programs and how can you participate and benefit from them? 

Occasio is partnering with incredible companies that are experts in their field of work, and who are also committed to further develop and promote entrepreneurship and business development in Brazil.  The goal of each of these exciting programs is to provide real opportunities for the entrepreneurs to improve their businesses in different ways!

How do they do that?


Startups or companies that want to launch a marketplace (like Airbnb, E-bay or Amazon) need to invest a considerable amount of money to start and maintain an IT team, to update the functionalities and to take care of infrastructure. To solve this problem, the N2N Virtual was created – which is an online marketplace platform (builder) to launch your own marketplace of services, with low-cost, agility and all technology support you need.

They have a global product to support the e-commerce market that is growing on average of 18% per year around the world, including 12% in the USA, and reaching US$1.500 trillion in 2014.  The Brazilian e-commerce market is the largest in the Latin America region and is growing 19% this year alone. (e-marketer)

Startups ou empresas que desejam lançar seu próprio marketplace (como Airbnb, Amazon, E-bay) tem um alto custo de investimento para criar e manter sua equipe de desenvolvimento. Contudo, por serem novas no mercado, não tem capital para investir no desenvolvimento de suas idéias, e acabam falhando.

Para resolver este problema, o N2N Virtual foi criado, que é uma plataforma online (construtor) de marketplaces que permite que Startups lancem seu próprio shopping virtual para intermediar negócios entre fornecedores e clientes a baixo custo, com agilidade e todo o suporte tecnológico necessário.

Estima-se que o mercado de e-commerce irá faturar $1.500 trillion in 2014, com taxa média de crescimento mundial de 18%. O mercado de e-commerce brasileiro é líder na América Latina, e está crescendo 19% este ano.  Nos EUA, estão calculados para crescer 12% este ano.  (e-marketer)

To learn more about, and to identify business opportunities with N2N Virtual, you can contact us at: info@occasioias.com


Inventa Moda Organização e Planejamento and Occasio are launching online and onsite groups for entrepreneurs that will assist them in improving and growing their businesses together.  This collaboration with Inventa Moda also extends to developing specific trainings on Productivity, Lean Startup Methodology, Business English, and Management for entrepreneurs in Startups and in small and medium-sized companies throughout Brazil.

To find out more and participate in the eCo-act program, click the links below:

(In Portuguese)   eCoAct™ Grupos para Empreendedores

(In English)          eCo-act™ for Entrepreneurs


This program will be launched in the coming weeks with an online Portal of Entrepreneurship, where participating entrepreneurs will explore and discover the latest methods and tools for developing game-changing business ecosystems for early-stage technology companies seeking a competitive advantage.

Participants can also travel to the San Francisco Bay Area for nine days of active learning and collaboration with world-class experts in many of the most critical areas of entrepreneurial business. As a result of this visitation program, relationships developed with your new California-based ecosystem can be converted into valuable components of your Brazilian-based business for the future.

More information about this program will be posted in the following weeks, but if you have questions already and are interested in learning more, feel free to contact us at: info@occasioias.com.

Occasio team

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