What about the Shopping Malls and the Digital Games markets? Two growing markets to be explored in Brazil

The Shopping Mall Culture 

With a population that is increasingly spending more and more over the last 10 years, and the growing middle class wanting to buy better quality products, the shopping mall culture is growing in Brazil, and at a fast pace! Although the GDP of the economy has slowed down over the past 2-3 years, people are still willing to consume, and with the opportunity to pay installments on goods bought, it encourages people to keep buying more.

But how did this “culture” come about and what are the perspectives of this market in the years to come?   Click here to read the entire article.

Digital Games Market – Brazil taking the lead in Latin America 

Brazil takes up almost 34% of all revenues generated in the Digital Games market in the Latin America region.   In 2014, the expected revenues coming from Brazilian consumers will be about US$1.5 million.  This is a considerable amount, and something for foreign companies and investors to consider when looking at new opportunities in this industry.  SuperData Research has provided more insights into the topic and produced initial results of a research they made in the region.

To read more about this market and the results from the SuperData Research, click on the two articles below:

Ahead of the Digital Game in Latin America, Brazil to Generate $1.5 Billion in Digital Gaming Revenues

Games markets in Mexico, Argentina heating up as Brazil cools – Superdata

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