Increase in Brazil – Canada bilateral relations


Earlier this month (October, 2014), the first edition of the “Brasil-Canadá Tech Week: Fostering Innovation and Commercialization,” took place.   It was an opportunity for both countries to extend the development of partnerships between Small and Medium-sized businesses (SMEs) through the “Bi-Lateral Exchange Program.”  According to Canadian government officials, the idea is to promote more internationalization of Startups, from both countries, that develop technologies and innovation, especially in the area of software development.

This is the first program of its kind in Canada that commits to providing the opportunity for Brazilian companies to enter the Canadian market through designated technological hubs, which promote a continual bilateral exchange of ideas, experiences and business opportunities for the companies participating.

To read the entire article, in the original text (in Portuguese), please click here.

Occasio works closely with, and recommends any other company in Latin America who may be interested in exploring the Canadian market, to contact GoSouth Consulting – as the natural partner to take your business into Canada.  The same advice is applicable for Canadian companies interested in doing business in Brazil, or other countries in Latin America.  GoSouth Consulting has experience working in these markets and can help guide your company for success.

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