Occasio teams up with VG Partner and Visagio Group – helping you succeed in Brazil


Occasio has teamed up with VG Partner, a company known for its high quality and excellent consulting work done throughout Brazil, United Kingdom, Australia and other locations around the world.  VG Partner is part of the Visagio Group.

“The Visagio Group is the leading consultancy in Brazil focused on the development and implementation of winning operational strategies.  With a team of over 320 experts and consultants, leaders and managers, and offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, London, Moscow and Perth, as well as partners in Istanbul, Visagio brings a contact network of over 5,000 companies across industry sectors.  It is particularly focused on implementing transformation in the areas of supply chain, programme and project management, and shared services.

VG Partner focuses on helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enter and expand in Brazil, with the mission:

To help non-Brazilian companies to increase and accelerate the value of their technology-led solutions and investments.”

To read more about the work Visagio Group does, click here.

To learn more about VG Partner, click here, and to follow their insightful and interesting blog, click here 

We look forward to continue working with VG Partner and Visagio Group in future projects and business opportunities and we encourage you to read and learn more about the great work they do all over Brazil and around the world.

Occasio team


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