Having strong domestic and international partners make a difference. An example from Canada!


Occasio has always sought out to work together with different individuals and companies in order to implement its projects and business opportunities.  Identifying local partners is key to have success in doing business in Brazil, as in most places around the world as well.   So when Occasio first established contact with GoSouth! Consulting at the end of 2013, it provided for a unique opportunity for Occasio to extend its services and network throughout Canada and other locations in the Americas.

GoSouth! Consulting has been an important partner for Occasio ever since, and their guidance, support and contacts have been invaluable for Occasio to propose new business opportunities in Canada and elsewhere.  GoSouth! Consulting works in assisting Canadian companies seeking business opportunities in several Latin American countries.

To read more about this exciting company, visit their website at: http://gosouthconsulting.com.

You can also read the interview done by GoSouth! Consulting with Occasio – about doing business in Brazil.  Just click here.  Through their website you can also read other articles and interviews about doing business throughout the Latin American countries and also learn more about opportunities in the Canadian market.

GoSouth! Consulting is also the lead organizer of the LatAm Startups Conference, which will bring together 50 Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors from North America and 200 of the best Startups in Latin America.  We encourage all Startups in Brazil, and other participating countries, to register and participate in this unique opportunity for the Latin American region.

To learn more about and register at the LatAm Startups Conference, taking place from September 26-27, 2014, in Santiago, Chile, please visit the website of the event: https://www.latamstartups.biz.

Occasio team


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