Great links and information about doing business in Brazil


As mentioned in the description of “About the Occasio Blog,” one of the biggest concerns brought up by the international visitors who arrive in Brazil, or when they plan their trips here, is the lack of information (in English) that they can find about Brazil.

More specifically:

– Information about doing business in Brazil
– Information about demographics and cultural influences that may play a significant role when doing business in Brazil
– Information on the emerging domestic markets in the Brazilian economy and where the opportunities exist.

I want to highlight four excellent sources that have helped me learn more, stay updated and provided as references when sharing news about Brazil to other people.

1. The Brazil Business website provides short articles in a range of topics related to cultural, legal, business, and investment updates in the country, for example.  I would also recommend visiting some of the most popular blogs in the country, which also highlight several important topics which may be of interest to you.  It is found in the Brazil Business website through this link.

2. An exciting new report about Brazil was launched by McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) this past May, 2014.  The title, Connecting Brazil to the world: a path to inclusive growth, highlights that “to raise incomes and living standards, the country must accelerate its productivity growth—and building new connections with the global economy could provide the opening to do just that.”

I recommend you download the report for free and understand better not only the challenges that the country has to encounter in the coming years, but also to read about the solutions proposed throughout the report which can help tap into emerging opportunities in the country.  Download the report now through this link.

3.  I recently had the pleasure of learning more about the work Ms. Gabriela Castro-Fontoura is doing in Latin America, where she helps British companies interested in doing business in the region.   She is the Director at Sunny Sky Solutions, a UK-born consultancy now based in Montevideo, Uruguay.  I found this article, written by Ms. Castro-Fontoura, to be very direct and easy to comprehend for those with initial thoughts about doing business in Brazil.

To learn more about Gabriela’s work on doing business in Latin America, and to read more about her book, Doing Business with Latin America, visit the website of Sunny Sky Solutions at this link.   I have already bought and read her book, and highly recommend it.

4. Mr. Lourenço Bustani, founding partner and Global CEO of Mandalah – a global innovation consultancy started in São Paulo, Brazil, was interviewed by The Economist about the role that multinational companies might want to pursue when entering the Brazilian market.  I found this article very interesting because it provides a more complete picture of how to succeed in the markets in Brazil, and linking profit with a social purpose.  To read the article, click here.

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