Opportunities with Occasio and its different partners


Occasio works with different partners for business development opportunities and on projects focused on entrepreneurship, tourism, training and other areas.

We want to highlight some of the ongoing and upcoming projects where you can benefit from or collaborate with if interested.

  • Startups in Latin America – There is still time to register for and participate at the upcoming LatAm Startups Conference 2014, to be held in Santiago, Chile, from September 26-27, 2014.  Organized by Occasio’s partner in Canada,  GoSouth! Consulting, the LatAm Startups Conference will bring together North American Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and some of the best Startups in Latin America.  Startups must have previously received seed capital from an incubator or investor to participate.  To register and learn more about the event, click here


  • Entrepreneur Support Groups – Working together with a local partner in Rio de Janeiro, Inventa Moda Organização e Planejamento, we are launching online and onsite support groups that will assist entrepreneurs in learning more and growing their businesses together.  The collaboration with Inventa Moda also extends to developing specific trainings on Productivity, Lean Startup Methodology, Business English, and Management for entrepreneurs in Startups and in small and medium-sized companies throughout Brazil.  To learn more about the support groups, click this link for details in English and this link for Portuguese.


  • 2014 Brazilian Entrepreneur Silicon Valley Ecosystem Program – A new program that will be launched in the upcoming weeks, in collaboration with experienced partners such as Ponte International, TLC Mind, Emperia and other leading entrepreneurs and companies in the Silicon Valley region.  By enrolling in our Silicon Valley Business Ecosystem Program, you will experience the value of visiting the world’s leading hotbed of entrepreneurial achievement. As a participant in this Program, you will be able to experience a full immersion into the culture of Silicon Valley, including meeting with leading innovators and proven entrepreneurs who will provide valuable training, knowledge and contacts in the various phases.

    We look forward to providing more opportunities for entrepreneurs in Brazil and in the United States to learn more from each other, identify new business or investment opportunities, and to strengthen the linkages between the ecosystems of entrepreneurship on both sides.

    For more information about the program, including on how to participate and benefit from this exciting new program, contact us at: contact@occasioias.com.  We will also be providing updates about the program via this blog, so stay tuned!

Occasio team


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