Two lesser-known sectors that are growing very fast in Brazil

These two sectors in Brazil might be lesser-known by people and companies abroad, but they are growing at high rates, and can offer opportunities for further investments and cooperation.


“The Supermarket Industry is a sector that has constantly grown in the past decade, and is drawing lots of attention from investors and entrepreneurs.  In this article, we will take a look at the impressive numbers shown by the supermarket industry in Brazil.”

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“Latin America, led particularly by Brazil, is continuing rapid growth in its online economy, according to a new study by Internet Retailer. And the boom in ecommerce is good news not only for Latin American Internet retailers, but also for some prominent U.S.-based companies as well — especially

According to the new 2014 edition of the “Latin America 500,” an annual report by ecommerce research and analysis firm Internet Retailer, Latin America, as a whole, remains the world’s second fastest-growing ecommerce market — only trailing behind China. And Brazil is leading the way, thanks to high Internet penetration rates, a booming market for affordable mobile devices, and an increasingly digital culture.”

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